Latest Update 9 Additions

    Nova, the Antimatter Warframe
  • Hikou, Vasto, Miter, Twin Gremlins and Hind
  • Nightmare mode - and new nightmare-exclusive mods!
  • New Prime Weapons
  • Bosses, being redone one by one
  • Auras

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The oppressive Grineer Empire

Hailing from a nearby Galaxy, the Grineer are now the Milky Way's dominant force. Due to dwindling resources, the invasion wasn't expected at all... Until the discovery the all the Grineer soldiers are clones. Generations of cloning has detoriorated their state, and now they rely on technology as a crutch to keep their iron fist on the galaxy intact.

They field powerful but lightly armored melee units, and long ranged, very bulky Heavies.

The Footsoldiers

  • Sawmen

    Basic Grineer infantry with some shields and a chance to stagger with each strike of their swords.

  • Scorpions

    Female Sawmen with a deadly Grappling Hook.

  • Lancers and Elite Lancers

    Medium ranged Grineer armed with a Grakata and a Hind, respectively. Has moderate armor and health, but the Elites' Hind hits hard. The latter comes in a desert camo variant exclusive to Phobos.

  • Shield Lancers

    As lightly armored as a Sawman, with a bit more health than Lancers, but their metal Shields blocks all damage - unless you aim for their eyes.

  • Troopers

    A Lancer instead armed with a Strun, built for close quarters combat. Their desert variants wield the much more powerful Sobek.

  • Heavy Gunner

    A female Grineer armed with a the light machine gun, Gorgon. Typically engages from ling range, so you might think getting close is viable - until she uses a ground pound to knock you down.

  • Bombard

    Another Heavy unit, this time with an Ogris, the missiles of which homes into their target. Once again has a ground pound, making it a deadly combatant in any scenario.

  • Napalm

    Wields an Ignis, a flamethrower that homes in on the target and deals huge damage. As expected, has a ground pound attack.

The Bosses

  • Captain Vor

    The boss of Mercury, located at Terminus. Has a Seer Pistol, a Grineer-Orokin hybrid, and a laser generated by a void key. The second boss to be redone; before he was a generic Flameblade with red armor and better shields and health. Drops the Seer parts, Seer blueprint and Cronus blueprint.

  • General Sargas Ruk

    Saturn's boss, faced at Tethys. Uses a Gorgon, and still has a ground pound attack. As if that's not enough, can use some sort of barrier on you, which reflects all your bullets back to you, and attracts all enemy projectiles to you as well. Drops Ember part Blueprints.

  • Tyl Regor

    Residing in Titania, Neptune, Tyl Regor is the only boss without any capability for ranged attacks; he makes up for this with invisibility and very fast shield regen, and if he does manage to whack you with his weapon, you're in for a world of hurt.Drops the blueprints for Ash parts.

  • Kela de Thaym

    Found in Merrow, Sedna, she uses a unique, non-homing Ogris - at the cost of it hitting for upwards of 100 shield damage per rocket. Doesn't have a regenerating shield, instead has two points during the fight(first at 2/3 health, then again at 1/3) when her shields return fully. Can also deploy Rollers and grenades, and utilizes a ground stomp for whoever gets close. She's also the first and so far only female boss. Drops the Saryn part Blueprints.

  • Councilor Vay Hek

    Earth's designated guardian, on station at Everest. More a politician than a fighter, Vay Hek nonetheless weilds the for-barreled Hek shotgun, capable of hitting enemies from medium range. Any Tenno who gets close gets a taste of his ground pound attack; either that, or he creates weaker clones of him that damage Tenno as much as the real Vay Hek can. Operatives who wish to use Trinity's healing powers need to overcome the Councilor.

  • Lieutenant Lech Kril

    This boss calls Exta, Ceres home. Kril's the first boss to be remade; originally he only had his now-second phase, during which he is on fire and prefers using his Brokk Hammer by hitting you, throwing it like a boomerang or sending a wave of fire your way. Nowadays has an invulnerable stage, during which you need to destroy the cooling pack attached to him. He's the highest level Grineer boss so far, and many consider him the current Final Boss for the Grineer. Anyone who wants to build a Frost needs to go through him first.

  • ???

    The mysterious boss of Phobos. Just who is he? You need to enter his mission for you to find out....