Latest Update 9 Additions

    Nova, the Antimatter Warframe
  • Hikou, Vasto, Miter, Twin Gremlins and Hind
  • Nightmare mode - and new nightmare-exclusive mods!
  • New Prime Weapons
  • Bosses, being redone one by one
  • Auras

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  • Dual Ethers

    An Ether Blade and Ether Knife wielded in unison, made of mysterious glassy material. Unique among non-heavy melee weapons,these blades can slice open multiple enemies at once, as well as ignoring armor of every enemy so far(excluding bosses). Great as an upgrade from the Skana, but require a bit of farming.

  • Kogake

    Blades not your thing? The Kogake equip a Tenno with brass knuckles - and brass toes. Beat your foes to submission with this weapon, with a flying kick or three thrown in for good measure.

  • Glaive

    A thrown weapon hailing from the age of the first Tenno, far before the Orokin era. Hard to aim, but satisfying to use, it's a favorite for Tenno looking to have some fun rather than kills. Uses a lot of resources, but it's worth it.

  • Reaper Prime

    A scythe from the Orokin Void, used by Tenno from far before, during the Orokin era. Extremely hard to get due to the difficulty of obtaining void keys themselves, but its stats(and looks!) backs it up. The first scythe-based weapon introduced to Warframe... but the Stalker holds its brother...

The Tenno utilize three weapons, used in perfect unity - Long Guns(otherwise known as Primaries), Secondaries and Melee.

Even better, you get choose how you play. The game's wide variety of weapons offers a myriad of options from loadouts that define the Sniper, to one that acts more as a Jack of all Trades. Below is a preview of some of the best Warframe has to offer.

Long Guns, aka Primary Weapons

  • Braton

    The quintessential Tenno weapon, a direct upgrade of the starter MK-1 Braton, costing just 25 000 credits. This rifle will serve perfectly well as a beginner's weapon, and is still very deadly in the hands of a veteran.

  • Hek

    A four barrelled shotgun, first used by a Grineer councilor. Already deadly in the hands of the merciless faction, this shotgun unleashes its full potential in the ownership of a Tenno.

  • Snipetron Vandal

    An exclusive sniper rifle for those who pariticapted in an event, with high base damage and respectable clip size. Its high recoil makes it relatively harder to use, but an experienced Tenno will find each shot taking away an enemy's life.

  • Dread

    The mysterious Stalker's very own bow, capable of slicing enemies on death. Is among the hardest to use weapons, but a trained Tenno will be taking names with each draw of the string. Uses the relatively rare Arrow ammo type, so make sure each shot counts!

Secondary Weapons

  • Aklato

    Dual wielded versions of the starter Lato. Boasts higher fire rate and clip size over its single brethren, in exchange for greater reload time and less accuracy. Is a great upgrade from the starter Lato, purely bought with credits.

  • Kunai

    Space ninjas wouldn't be space ninjas without their space throwing knives! These weapons ignore armor of most enemies, dealing full damage with each shot. Be aware that this weapon has travel time, so aim accordingly!

  • Seer

    Captain Vor's Orokin-Grineer hybrid weapon, which acts like a sniper pistol. Each shot deals quite a bit of damage, with moderate recoil but slow reloading. It can be obtained by collecting all the requisite parts from Vor himself.

  • Vasto

    A revolver of the future! Very good at medium range, with extremely fast reload time and high power. Its noise may turn off some Tenno who prefer stealth, but those who choose to weild it will never regret their decision.